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For clients interested in finding an advisor

Collaborate with one of our Fee-Only, fiduciary financial planners to align your finances with your goals.

Founded in 2011 by Sheryl Garrett and Justin Nichols, Garrett Investment Advisors, LLC, is a Fee-Only financial planning and investment advisory firm, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

We provide Fee-Only financial planning services, including advice in the broad areas of income & expenses, insurance & estate planning, saving & investing, retirement and giving & enjoying life. Here are a few of our focus areas:

General Planning
Retirement Planning
Education Planning
Tax Planning
Tax PreparationSpecial Needs Planning
Divorce Planning
Faith-Based Planning
Financial Coaching
Debt Paydown
Military Servicemembers/Veterans
Federal Employees
Working with Women
Young Professionals
Young Families
Baby Boomers
Business Owners
Passive/Index Investing
Core-Satellite Investing
ESG/SRI Investing
Portfolio Management

We do not impose a minimum fee for financial planning, which makes our services accessible to almost everyone. With offices around the country, you can work with one of our financial planners in-person or virtually via web meeting.

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