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Orion: Basic Navigation - How Do I Get to Useful Information in Orion?

Click here to watch the recorded session.

Orion is a tool that works primarily behind the scenes, but is critical for the overall functioning of the firm.  It's primary purpose is tracking data - from that data, however, we rely on Orion to produce an endless number of reports for tracking and billing purposes.

For most, Orion is also one of the only tools through which you can see managed client accounts, and can thus be very useful as a visual tool in client meetings.  In our opinion, the Orion portal and visuals are more user friendly than what most custodians offer for client portals.


Below is a list of my most-used Orion applications - I recommend 'favorite-ing' all of them (Open All Applications > locate app > right click > Add Favorite).

Portfolio Audit

If you're going to use only one app ever, this is it.  Navigationally, you can utilize this application to look up a household and access just about every other app for that specific household (i.e. run a billing audit, produce a report, access the client portal, etc.)

Manage Users

This application allows you to make sure that clients have access to their portals if they have assets under management in Orion.  Representatives have the ability to add new users, alter client access, and reset client passwords.

Client Portal

Once added in manage users, the advisor has the ability to access the client's portal, and see what they see.  The client portal provides graphic heavy data on the client's accounts and information, a way to establish billing (depending on the engagement), access to custodial and firm reports, access to download tax documents, and even a way to contact their advisor. The advisor also has the ability to configure certain aspects of the portal on a client by client basis.


Main Dashboard

The main household review dashboard is the main landing page when you log in.  To return to the main screen, just click the logo in the top left corner of any Orion screen.  Additional navigational tricks below.

  • Looking up a Household > click the Add Person symbol
  • changing parameters > Adjust time frame or visible accounts (household vs. Registration vs account levels) 
  • Editing information per each tile > click the '...' sign on the appropriate card then edit
  • accessing MGP or client portal or other links > click the '...' in the furthest top right corner to access additional tools

Grid navigation

Grids are visible under many apps designed to access multiple households or allow for filtering across the entire book of business.

  • Right side menu: *Note that you can save your view once changed!!
    • Filters
    • Columns
    • Groupings
  • Search functionality: Accessible by typing into the top of ANY column visible on the grid
  • Actions Button - access additional tools including exports
  • Links - access additional applications for that specific household (visible once you select a household)


Running various reports from any level of Orion structure can be a useful tool to gather information for a client, or just for your own information running your business.  Reporting can be accessed two places:

  • From the Reporting App
  • From portfolio audit: within app > locate your household and select > Actions > Run Report 

Additional Useful Apps

As always, please reach out with any questions to Nicola@GarrettAdvisors.com or submit a Help Ticket!